10way Fully Loaded Complete with Surge Protection
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In January 2019 the IET published the 18th Edition of the Wiring Regulations – BS7671:2018

This introduced new requirements covering for the provision of over-voltage protection by the use of Surge Protection Devices designed to overcome the potential impact upon Installations and the equipment within them.

Definition of a Surge

A surge is a fast short duration electrical transient in current or voltage within an electrical circuit.

Typically caused by an oversupply in voltage either from a switching event, or from an external source such as lightning.

Mains sources of Surges

  • Transient Voltages

These occur during switching events which release stored energy from established magnetic fields. External examples of these are power stations, distribution transformers and generators. Transient voltages can also occur locally within installations by the switching of appliances such as welders and air-con units. These by their nature will be smaller in magnitude

  •  Lightning Strikes

These can be extremely detrimental to electrical installations and attached equipment, as the current contained within a strike can be up to 200kA. Ground lightning strikes can cause surges within installations up to 2km away as this energy can find its way into buried electrical cables

Benefits of Surge Protection

A correctly specified and installed surge protection device will safely disperse over voltages to earth – minimising damage to the installation wiring and any connected equipment.

When do you need Surge Protection?

443.4 Over-voltage Control

Protection against over-voltages shall be provided where the consequence caused by over-voltage could result in:

(i) Serious injury to, or loss of human life

(ii) Interruption of public services and/or damage to cultural heritage

(iii) Interruption of commercial or industrial activity

(iv) A large number of co-located individuals being affected.

For all other cases, a risk assessment according to 443.5 shall be performed in order to determine if protection against over-voltages is required. Except for single dwelling units where the total value of the installation and equipment therein does not justify such protection.

Defender Consumer Units with Surge Protection Devices

Solution for all earthing systems

Available in:

  • DD Range
  • DDS Range
  • Kits also available which include Surge Protection Devices, MCB and wires.



  • A comprehensive range of single phase consumer units compliant with BS7671 18th Edition Wiring Regulations.
  • A modern sleek design suitable for all installations.
  • Comprehensive range comprising 10 different enclosures sizes.
  • Up to 22 module board as standard; combine boards to increase number of outgoing ways.
  • Maximum cable space and extensive number of cable entry points allowing easy installation.
  • Comprehensive user instructions and high quality sub circuit identification labels.
  • Degree of protection IP4X.
  • Tested in accordance to BS EN 61439-3.
  • Flexible board configuration to enable optimal combination of RCD, MCB and RCBO use.
  • Pre-populated configurations available.
  • Secure hinge design.
  • Locking kits available.

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